A summary of Mike 2016

October 25th, 2016

Hello! If you’re here, you probably saw me mention that I’ll be looking for work in 2017.

Finding something is going to take time. I’m not available right now (#crunching), but rather than waiting until the new year to start “shopping” myself around, I decided to write this so anyone following me or my work knows what’s up.

I haven’t had to make a resume/portfolio since 1999. I ended up dropping out of college to take a job at “Sandbox Studios”, which later became “Digital Illusions Canada”. I’ve done a lot since then, but I’m super-busy crunching on Ludum Dare. I wont have time to put together anything formal until the new year.

So in case anyone wanted to know more about me, or to reach out (I can’t promise I’ll be able to get back right away #crunching), here’s a brief post about myself. You can also browse my public GitHub, or even this blog, but much of what you find here is SUPER out-of-date (like, a decade).

These days my blog is more of a notebook; Collecting thoughts and details on complicated topics I’ve researched, so that I can repeat them or pick-up where I left off.

About Me

I run Ludum Dare. I didn’t start it, but I am its caretaker. I have been a part of it since the beginning (2002).

Besides that, I’ve shipped more than a dozen commercial games; Written lots of low-level C and C++ code for Nintendo and Sony consoles, and a few games entirely in Assembly. I’ve also written lots of OpenGL, ES, and SDL code, shaders, and ported code to dozens of exotic mobile and embedded platforms (most don’t exist anymore). I can 3D math, build engines, assemble a toolchain, and wrangle my way through physics. I’m formerly the Technical Director of a large Canadian game studio (Big Blue Bubble), and I ran a “financially underwhelming” indie studio for many years. That was until this side project of mine (Ludum Dare) consumed me.

I’m based in London Ontario Canada (yes, there’s a London in Canada).

I like low-level, performance, and optimization. I’m at-home on Linux, but spent many years on Windows. I’m not a fan of “black boxes”. I like to know how everything works, and know exactly what to expect. Thanks to Ludum Dare, I also know a lot about PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux Servers, and all those trendy web technologies and standards that are all-the-rage. I like Vulkan and VR, but I haven’t done anything real with them.

In my spare time (ha) I goof around with other projects, Arduino, Electronics, Retro Computers, SBC’s and IOT devices.

I’m a pretty good cook too. 😀

I’m looking for something interesting. Not necessarily gamedev, but who knows. Something compatible with me having my own projects and commitments, like Ludum Dare. I can’t relocate to the US, but I can visit (again, I’m a college drop out). I really don’t know what options I have, but I’ve done soooo much low level and backend work, that taking a Unity gig just seems like a waste.

To summarize: “interesting”, “flexible”, and “not Unity”.

Still here? Want to tease me for being so picky? You can get in touch with me here: [email protected]

Notes: USB/IP

September 25th, 2016

USB/IP is a Linux tool for sharing USB ports with other computers on your network.

It’s been available as part of the Kernel since 3.2, but thanks to the older package still being in the Ubuntu repository, it causes confusion. The following is the proper way to use it.

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Notes: Time Sync

September 21st, 2016

TBH I don’t have this figured out yet.

In my case, the HW clock is wrong (off by 1 hour).

It should be using NTP, but NTP doesn’t seem to take effect. I’ve read a bunch of conflicting information, like using “ntpd -qg” (which can’t be run until you stop the ntp service), or that a command “hwclock –systohc” will do it. One other dude said there’s some sort of check by hwclock that wont do it unless the date is only slightly off (safety feature). I don’t really buy that though.

Ah well, I just wanted a quick note for this.

Notes: Setting up a Webcam Server

September 21st, 2016


I have a small room, also known as a closet *cough* that I have my printer and some small computers in. Some day I plan to put a 3D printer there as well. It would be wise to set up a simple webcam, so I can check on it. You know, in case of fire and stuff. 😉

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Notes: Rogers Wireless E-mail to Text

September 20th, 2016

Rogers has 2 ways (that I know of) for sending short e-mails to people as text messages.

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Notes: Setting up a modern Mail Server and Relay

September 19th, 2016

This is an attempt to clean up these notes:


References go there. This post is a summary.

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