Tunnel for April

GameTunnel’s Monthly Roundup for April is up. Twas a good month, many cool games, and I didn’t make much of an ass of myself either. Bonus ;) . The roundup’s have been a fun little research project of mine, gathering tactical and other information about what’s going on in the world of indie gaming. Impressive enough, I just broke the 100 review barrier. I’m now sitting at 101 reviews. Wow. That’s … many!

My break from the commercial world of game development draws closer and closer. I’m up late now after fixing a pair of nasty bugs in a game for work that have been haunting me for a while. It’ll be nice one day to be doing this for my own game.

The plan for Too Normal is sketches and game related stuffs, and some analysis of what I do. Art from the perspective of a programmer. What I am thinking as I draw a picture or making production art. I’d imagine there might be some interest in that. Heck, that’s what I want to read.