Ready as ever

WahtahHurah! Finally open. Welcome. Come on in and hear me think.

At some point throughout the day I was working. Really, I was; You can trust me. My new (3rd) office whiteboard just arrived this morning. I took the liberty of violating it with some math/physics filth. It seems to be holding up well, which is good, as I expect many more shamefull acts of mathematics to be performed on it.

What’s been going on? Geez, there was a whole 5 day gap there, and I never did really talk much before the IGF deadline was looming.

Art, yeah, I’ve been doing lots of drawing. I recently moved on to a new sketchbook. I’m 5 pages in so far, but I like filling up the whitespace, so that’s 30-60 some odd doodles per page. I’ve started doing art study’s, thanks to a recommendation I saw in a tutorial. A few weeks ago I did one I’ll call “small arms on small bodies”. More or less, just taking some rectangular shapes, and adding little rectangular arms in various poses and expressions. More recently, I decided to dive in to something more complex, and identify some style elements of the Creatures in my Head. I tend to do more minimal designs, but I still dig Andrew’s work.

Code, Ok… After hacking up the “remixed” PuffBOMB prototype for the IGF a few weeks back, and spending some time on an outstanding commitment, I’m back on the goods. Between now and then, I wanted to take a short mental break, and I did. I knocked a few things off my list today, like an annoying bug in my build system. On a related note, the new Tortoise SVN is great. With it’s built in spell check and auto completion of class names, file names and changes, it rules. I like it so much, I just added a documents repository for my GameTunnel round up reviews and other written projects I care to attempt.

Audio, I’ve been fiddling with ReNoise some more. Silly me, I finally figured out how to use the E-MU Emulator X software correctly in ReNoise, without needing an instance of the VST per sample. I’ve also been contemplating picking up MadTracker, as I need something that can do a normal tracked format (XM, even though I was always an IT/S3M guy). Not that any of this is meaningful, I’m just saying what’s on my mind.

And… well… that should do for now. Have a nice day.