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There’s a Slamdance too?

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Apparently I forgot about this. The Slamdance Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition is yet another IGF like compo. I don’t think it’s actually worth any prizes… at least none their publicizing. Either way, I’ve put together a publicity pack for them, and will be sending it off today. A shame that they’re making me pay to enter. Buh.

I think what turned me off about this “way back when” was that the game had to be profitless, but apparently that’s not the case anymore. I have a sneaky suspicion that perhaps there’s a 3rd compo I’m mistaking this one for though. Hmm… I’ll go check.

IGF, 117?

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Oh wow, the IGF is getting serious now. A news report on Gamasutra suggested that the IGF hit a record entry high of 117… Which is… many.

Like the dork I am, I’ll be monitoring this stuff. Don’t think this’ll be the last of my IGF rantings, oh no! Mwahaha!

Oh, and I’ve aparently become a big fan of incorrectly linking the IGF. Instead, I’ve found myself linking an equally prestigious organization, The Royal Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen of Scotland (Fund). Isn’t that just … smashing.

Check, we’re in

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Yes, it\'s all doneHmm, it seems I misplaced this blog post.

With less than 5 hours to spare, it’s in. Excellent. It wasn’t without it’s drama though. Once confirmed by myself, my brother, and a few friends that everything was good, I began to upload. *OH GOOD*, the upload server was acting up! Ack!

Within 20 minutes things cleared up. I snuck my game into it’s folder, hit the switch, and waited as it’s bytes were sucked out of Canada into some server likely in the California area. Fun.

So there it is. I’ll be sitting on this revamped version of the game for a few weeks, as I get some promotional material together (i.e. screen shots) of the new game. Then, when I can clearly distinguish that it’s a different product we’re pushing (not the old PB), it’ll go out as a freebie. And hey, the Mac guys will finally be able to play. A shame though, that they can’t use the old map editor.

Time to celebrate with,… Sleep! Something I’m far to familiar with as of late. Ahh, time off is great. :D

T minus 10, 9, 8, …

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Clock is ticking.

Yep. In one sense, I’m ready to go. I filled out the submission for yesterday, and paid my entry fee. Apparently however, you need an installer. *Oh*. So today, after finishing the missing graphics, I got to do that. Huge thanks to Seth for sharing with me his NSIS script, which saved me hours of digging for little things like uninstaller cleanlyness, icon changing, and so many silly little things.

So, I have the game all ready and packaged up. Now, I’m seeing if I can cram in a map browser (something that should have been in years ago), so she’s all done and ready for the mass port freebie I’ll be doing soon. Yes, I’ll be releasing this update as freeware, with ports for MacOS X and an Allegro 4.2 Linux one. Maybe BeOS too just to get some use out of the copy I bought way back when.

Then, after some promo material and another round up, back to the new game.

1 day left. Oh boy.

Blam! Teaser

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Nyeah nyeah!

So begins the campaign. are now online with this wonderful tease site. I’ll have banners show up in the indie world soon, just to build some awareness. I have some big plans for this game.

IGF polishing goes well. Just a few more graphics, and some minor updates to the game itself, and we’re good to go.

2 days left. We’re looking good.

Scrambled Eggs

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

A bit of a last minute scramble to get something together for the IGF. My original idea of getting the new game up and running, hahahaha… erm, sadly no. Progress is good, but not that good. However, I still am sending something. What I’m sending is the old PuffBOMB, from over 2 years ago, with a fresh paint job. The new look finally brings together my style ideas for the game from the past couple years It’s a chance to finally see it in action, and to know, does it suck or not.

This game isn’t finalist material. If I show up in California next year, I don’t deserve to be there. If that happens, I have too many friends. This, it’s only a message. Will we be heard?

Cryptic’s aside, after several years, I decided to dabble in some voice acting. I auditioned and landed a role in a Halo 2 based Machinima series. No, it’s not Red vs. Blue. I beat out 2, maybe 3 other kids and got the part I auditioned for. Not bad for a first try. In a mere hour, I recorded my 14 lines, which is actually all my dialog for the first 3 episodes. Heck, in the first episode I have 3 lines in total, the first 2 being a salute and a confirmation. What can I say, it’s practise. It was fun too.

An old kid like me get’s to learn how to act, and a young one gets to write and be a director. That’s pretty neat.

3 days left. A background and some touchups to go.