Fear and Neglect


Oh don’t be scared baby, I’m still here.

Yes, it seems I’ve been neglecting posting. On the plus side, there’s been some major progress, but equally major distractions. Since apparently leaving a job clearly means “2 month vacation”, there I was back at Big Blue for a week. All was good though. I was asked to help a struggling project meet a milestone, and that seemed to go well. Twas also nice to hang out with the guys there again, a fine group I must say.

As for progress, last weekend I hit an internal milestone. In other words, my 2D physics engine is functioning exactly as I wanted it for our dear friend PuffBOMB, and some other little prototype games that may show up. Funky doo!

Excited and shocked by the previous note, I’ve got some round upin’ to finish. Oohh… Trash… Mmmm…