Plant Life

Plant LadyI’ve been trying to come up with a 3rd character to go along with the hamster and the robot for PuffBOMB. When I started redesigning the game, I wanted at least a male and a female character, but ended up with 2 males (3 if you count a butch hamster that I’d recently replaced with the robot).

It seems I have something. What you see to the right is a concept for the potted plant girl character. Yes, a potted plant. Oh, just imagine the hilarious conversations a Hamster, a Robot and a Female Potted Plant could have. Oh the hilarity! Not to mention, the unique dynamics of having a heavier sided character. Does this pot make me look fat?

As we can see, I “for some reason” went with a sort of swooshy shaped head thing, instead of the predictable 4 leaf flower. It’s madness I say. This Mike guy is out of control.

The round up should be up on the Tunnel soon. We’ve finally gone ahead and begun playing with the layout. Might be some imagry there too.