The monkey that spits robots

OMG! That\'s one pink monkey!I’ve brought with me this horribly bright colored monster to burn your cornea. Hurah!

Right. Things are back and working in the Mike camp. Back to the grind and all. I’ve also recently finished a drawing pad, after slightly over 3 months. Doesn’t sound like much, but looking back it’s been taking me up to a year to fill one up.

So IGF finalists have been announced. Funky. So many great games have been coming out later in the year, I’m not surprised PuffBOMB didn’t place. Maybe way back in 2003 when I made the game, and when the IGF wasn’t as cool of an event to be part of. Hey, I entered. It’s a start. Maybe next time.

All is not lost. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve received a rather encouraging note from the SlamDance camp. I imagine they’ll be posting a finalists list soon. Assuming I can trust my inbox, you should find PuffBOMB there on said finalist list. Not to mention, on display at the January SlamDance event. Very cool.

Oh, and before I forget, more cover-disks for the PuffBOMB freeware game. This months PC Zone (UK Mag) and Level (Czech Mag) cover-disks should feature the game. Very cool 2.

That should do for today. Lets see how much longer I can neglect to talk about what I’m working on. ;)