2005 Games in Review

Inspired by a discussion on Indie Gamer, and Game Tunnel’s end of year awards. Apparently it wasn’t clear, but us round up’ers were not involved in the end of year awards. So, to make up for it, I’m going to pick my favorites from the last year (December to November’s round up). I’m not going to rate them, just list them. Here we go.

MK’s 5 Indie Favorites of 2005
Weird Worlds – Oct 2005
Land of Legends – Nov 2005
UltraTron – June 2005
Mexican Motor Mafia – June 2005
Fate – July 2005

What can I say, these were all a blast to play. Weird Worlds, Land of Legends, and Fate were all extremely entertaining games. UltraTron has a style and mood to it I absolutely adore. Mexican Motor Mafia has a great soundtrack, and does good justice to an old favorite of mine, Death Rally. Great stuff.

MK’s 7 Favorite Oddities of 2005
Facade – July 2005
Magic Blackboard – June 2005
Virus – Sept 2005
Zzed – Jan 2005
Super Dudester – Dec 2004
Cute Knight – Oct 2005
Summer Schoolgirls – June 2005

And I just had to have a weird list. Facade has been praised all around, and I still dig it for what it is. Magic Blackboard has the space gator and blurry insanity to it that makes me smile. Virus is a simple game, maybe not all that great of a game, but it really struck a chord with me, and I have to approve. Zzed was a matching puzzle with a funky arcade shooter feel to it. It also had Ninja Turtle people. Yes! Super Dudester was the other PuppyGames great one that I think really deserves some attention. Formerly Super Elvis, but a really entertaining party sort of game. Cute Knight, an entertaining Princess Maker like RPG. And finally Summer Schoolgirls. It makes the list ’cause it’s concept of being a game about making friends boggles my mind.

And there we have it, my round up closure for the year. The competition is getting fiercer in the indie space, and the number of favorites from the 2nd half of the year really shows it. I’m looking forward to another great year.