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Crash and Burn

Friday, December 9th, 2005

Crud. This’d normally be a good place to stick an image, but that’s the problem.

Tuesday evening, I’m minding my own business playing a game on my laptop, when suspiciously my desktop PC reboots. I thought nothing of it, and continued playing. Several hours later, I’m shutting everything down for the night, and I find the desktop locking up in the Bios detecting the IDE devices. Whatever, we’ll look in to it in the morning.

Next day, fire it up, same deal. So, long story short, the hard drive is dead. Yeah, it sucks. On the plus side, game code is sitting in a Subversion repository on the server, which itself is on a mirrored raid array. And my art stuffs I conveniently backed up on Monday. Down side, audio stuff I didn’t even consider backing up is toast, and so are any small things from the morning I hadn’t committed to the repository yet. Oh, that and I have to reinstall everything. :(

Like having your project canceled, the hard drive crash is a depressing time. So, I took the rest of Wednesday and Thursday off for some sympathy gaming.

So, this sounds as good a place as any to pick up on that lackluster blogging of mine.

LudumDare is today, and I have a Christmas party with some friends to attend. Oh, and I have getting that desktop PC of mine going ahead of me. Sounds like a busy weekend.