Alright chums, lets do this…

It\'s just crazy enough to workFebruary the 1st. I’m mere minutes away from missing this chance to post and make the first of this month, yet I prevail. Ha ha!

Hopefully, I’m finally getting my act together. We’re already a month in to 2006, and really I haven’t had much to show. It seems I’ve been in a less than ideal situation up until recently. It’s resolution was equally as not so idealistic, so excuse me as I be vague, until the day we all look back and laugh about it. Har har. And as much as I *love* big vaporware plans, I plan not to be one. So here we are, starting the month out right.

I’m in the middle of writing up a little introduction as to what is going on around here in Sykoland. So yes, in fact, I’m just delaying you with insightful commentary as I type amazing things, and better grasp what’s really going on. Boy do I have some fly tales of developin’ to be’all tellin’ youz ’bout soon. Yee!

Last waste post, I promise. ;)