And the Project, Part 1

And now, what’s been going on.

Lovely critters, arent they?

As mentioned previously, things started out as my long overdue PuffBOMB remake. So, a physics engine was built, based on what I’d learned from various tech demo’s (which I’ll post at a later date). And it did cool stuff.

Hamsters and balloons perhaps?

Good ‘ol verlet physics action. What you can see above is “characters” composed of spheres (circles), connected by springs. Cool stuff. The 3 circle thang is a potential collision model for the PuffBOMB hamster, and the Balloon like thing is exactly that. So, there’s a bunch of fun static collision for them to whack in to, as well as each other.

And not to be out done, some moving stackable polygons as well.

Mostly stackable

Their collision is still a tad buggy at the moment, and I neglected to take a better shot than this, but I’ll be back on that soon.

At this point, I got thinking how I should be able to make a fine enough game with the sphere cluster objects above and static collision, so I continued on.

With the 360 launch on the horizon, I’d been feeling the inspiration to pull together something for Xbox Live Arcade. The only problem, is PuffBOMB as a game in my opinion doesn’t really suit a gamepad. After a bunch of reflection and all that, I made the tough decision to put the remake *back* on hold, and to dig in to my bin of game concepts I’d like to make. This time, one that’d take advantage of a gamepad.

So what happened? This post has grown quite image intensive, so I’m cutting it off right here. Let the tags be your tease. Stay tuned for part 2.