And the Project, Part 6

Cream soda kung fu presents, part 6:

The Epic Tales of Hypocrisyism

Viewer discretion is advised.

I can't believe I actually colored it... that's like the 3rd time I've ruined a perfectly good sketch like that

So, right now, the current evolution of the character is this said goo blob thing. It shoots these tentacles/appendages out and swings, like any good monkey should.

However, for as long as I’ve been thinking about going with a gooey character, I’d been concerned about the Gishness factor. This “factor” is what I’m calling all the references to Gish. Comments like “reminds me of Gish”, “very Gish like”, or “gross, there’s Gish in my coffee”. To test this theory (and to indulge in positive commentary), I shared a gameplay video with several friends. But despite its complete lack of hard/soft/sticky gameplay, the Gishness comments were there. Damn. How appropriate though, given I poked fun at another Gishlike experience, back in the early days of this blog. Good job Mike. The gold star of suck is yours. Still, I’d be getting those references even if I went with a spider character.

Moving on.

Oh my, the bubbles!

But there is a reason I’m sticking with the dynamic gooey character idea. The best part about random goo entities, is they totally make sense to have unexplained things growing out of it, not just tentacles.

Oh, I can do that too.

Well, “totally” is pushing it, but it’s ether goo or a magical tire… or perhaps a magical orange. But they don’t make as much sense, that is, without the over use of “magic” as the explanation. Magic limbs, magic trees, magic game crashes. No bugs here, just magic features.

But hey, it’s still early development, and nothing is really finalized. I’m currently working on establishing the art style, so more artful thing should pop up in the next few weeks.

Or maybe. Just maybe, I’ll find what the game really needs is a potato character that lacks self confidence.


Stay tuned for the finale, as I get us technically up to date in: Part 7, a Sunset in Stone.

(See, that’s clever and epic sounding. Set in stone, sunset, get it? No? Oh dear.)