Ritual Sacrifice

Page 50. Two and a half months later.

Finally... damn rechargable batteries not being charged when needed.

Sure it’s not front page news (except maybe for here), but it’s a small achievement I like to indulge myself in. Being a coder, I code a lot. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been doing professionally these past 6 years. So, I’m on a mission to improve my art and music skillzorz whilst on my adventures in independent game development. This little burning through a sketchbook challenge has been a constructive one for me. Previously, it’s been taking me 8 months to a year to go through a mere 50 pager. I’d like to be pushing it down to a month per, but I’m sitting at a 3 and a half, and my recent 2 and a half.

So, for fun, a small selection of confusing imagery not previously displayed.

Death SmilesMy gawd, what happened to your arm!?!

Aint nothin\' better than bunny crack cakes.

Happy Hoppy!

Guah! Bendy!

And scary things from the future… err… I mean the new sketchbook.

Such choices