In a future where dev is illegal

Ahh the Escapist. A fine weekly online publication.

I had the chance to contribute to an interesting conversation, about a world where developing games was illegal, and what you would do. Of course, it’s only appropriate I took the sarcastic “my life is ruined” angle. Allen from the Escapist approved, and posted this.

Turn to drugs, live on the street and sell myself cheaply to get by.
– Mike Kasprzak, sykhronics entertainment

What a lovely way to be immortalized. ;)

I’ve always been a goof everywhere I’ve worked, so a sharp or demoralizing remark for humor is nothing out of the ordinary. Then I came to the realization that there was a working link there, it’s on the first page, and people I used to work with probably read the Escapist. So that sad excuse for a website has to go. I rush together a new teaser site, combining several work in progress images and logos. It wont win any awards, but it gets the point across.

And so ends our adventures in publicity for this morning.

Oh, and apparently Joe Liberman named 3 of my name suggestions as honorable mentions for his marketing book. Neat… though he should have gone with “A Senator’s Guide to Game Marketing”. ;)

End of media ramble.