Thursday Morning GDC 2k6

San Jose. One of two American cities where the busses come with tall poles attached to them.

Thursday, another big day at the Game Developers Conference.

Yesterday had some good events. The IGF results were announced, and the evil forces of Darwinia ran away with most of the prize money. Curse you Darwinia, I will have my revenge! Sony also spilled the beans, announcing a service “like” Xbox Live Arcade, but neglects to invite Indie’s. How rude. And everyone’s talking about Duke Nukem Forever 2.

It’ll be tough to beat a day as grand as yesterday, but today is always looking for a challenge. Go Today! You Rule! With talks from that Nintendo guy, and Will “The kids used to call me Spore, the game is named after me” Wright, it should be exciting.

Oh by the way, I’m not actually in San Jose, or anywhere near California for that matter. You should feel very foolish if you browsed over this post looking at pictures and assuming I actually attended this year. Thank you whomever I lifted that photo from.

I’m actually sitting comfortably at my desk, pretending to be working on a game. So to emulate the experience of being at GDC, I decided to go out for some breakfast. Mmm.

You see, part of a balanced game development diet requires junk food, especially during crunch times. Seeing how I have properly stocked kitchen handy, I’ve been falling behind on my quota. So we paid a visit to our fast food friend (at least he’s a friend when there’s not noisy kids around), Dan McDonald’s.

Part of a balanced game development budget. ... umm, that\'s not actually funny.

Ahh… McDonald’s breakfast. Let’s see what’s inside.

Some genius had the idea, use pancakes instead of bread.

Oh no! A half eaten syrup soaked bacon egg sandwich! Curse you Ronald!

Bleah, so I go for the orange juice.

Evil cup

Hey, hold on. Somethings not right.

The Eyes!!!

Wait… this doesn’t taste like orange juice!

Dude, have you ever tried to drink Cheerios? Yeah, me neither.

Have a safe day.

The Eyes!!!The Eyes!!!

The Eyes!!!The Eyes!!!