March Progress Grande

With mere minutes left before the end of the month (and April fools), I guess now is as good of a time as ever to do an update… At least before someone thinks I’m joking.

Content was put aside earlier in the month, as we finish and fix more important things. Besides, having working tools before we start building anything would make more sense. Speaking of tools…

The Object and Map Editors are functional and working great. We’ve been refining them this past week, as we’ve built experimental content. I imagine some time next week we’ll start toying with an actual game scene/level.

Object editor, with all it’s collision placement, polygon building, and linking goodness.

Evil purple block action

Map editor, with all it’s placement goodness.

Egads! Divert your eyes! Nooo!! Yellow bubble baddy no no!

Very cool.

And of course, all this fun stuff works in game too. Something that’s not as obvious about the tools is we can build stalky objects like blades of grass, trees, or sign posts, which can bend nicely around objects as you crash in to them.

Greeny goo, and delicious oranges.

We’re still a ways off, but it’s finally starting to shape up. With luck, by the end of April it’ll look like a game.

Have a safe April fools.

Stacks of fun