And there goes the 1st

Action Heart! Go Heart! Go Heart!So, that’s what happens on the 91’st day of the year shows up, your name is Mike, and you want to poke fun at casual gaming. You end up with a human body themed match 3, and an outrageous story that I don’t even want to rationalize. And yes, all Mike’s were thinking the exact same thing.

Yeah, this post is a rather plain one. Just a confirmation that yes, that was a joke, and an excuse to do an image dump. I especially like how the action pose heart turned out. So much, I’ve been thrusting my arms in to the air all day. The funny looks from people are obviously looks of jealousy.

And here comes the team.

Body Team Go! Fight for good and something.

And together they form.

Cap-tain Jean Luc Pic-card of the star ship en-ter-prise

I couldn’t find a Captain Planet picture I liked, and besides, Jean Luc Picard is a way better Captain, and he totally destroys Captain Planet.

Over the course of the day, these “body parts” have also turned in to test objects for the game, as we’re short on interesting things… at least one’s we’re not embarrassed to show.

Oh, and I did receive a request for the art assets, which I shared, so there might actually be a playable game on the way. Pretty crazy for an April fools joke. ;)

Have a good one.