Warmup Ludum Dare Compo 2007 – Jan 26-28

This is a reprint of what hit the mailing list yesterday.

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On the weekend of Jan 26-28 there will be an unofficial Ludum Dare warmup competition.
The compo will be held entirely in #ludumdare on irc.afternet.org. Final entries must be hosted on your own web space. Someone might put up a wiki, but that someone won’t be me :)

– Theme choice will be discussed and voted on Jan 26 at 7pm PST.
– Participants will have the whole weekend to create the game
– You must choose a single 24 hour time-slot to build your game (so, “all day Saturday”, etc, no taking all 72 hours to make the game. This is a mini-warmup compo with flexible hours.) Honor system and all that.
– Winners will be informally nominated after the competition. “I nominate so-and-so for best graphics!”

Hope to see you there!

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Stop by for some milk and cookies, and for some encouragement to get you out of any game making rut you may be in.