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Enjoy GDC 2007, Only $32

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

I think I’ve already posted about this everywhere, except here. If you’re like me, and decided to skip out on Travel, Hotel, and admission to GDC, you can get the meat of the event for a fair $32.

GDC Radio Store

$8 gets you a day (about 6 hours of talks) for either the Indie Games Summit or the Casual Games Summit. Nice. Buy ‘em all for nearly 24 hours of interesting discussions and talks. XBLA postmortems, distribution, discussion on the BS of innovative games, and much more.

And GameSpot has done us the favor of taping and putting up the IGF Awards, and the Game Developers Choice awards mixed in to one long presentation. Surprisingly, several “indie” games made it in to the non IGF awards.

GameSpot, go create a free account

If you want more, you can dig through the talks at the rest of GDC. Those will set you back another $8 per talk. You can be selective this time though. :)

GDC Radio 2007

One of the Ninja Bee peeps gave a fascinating talk there about setting up an LLC per game project to fund it. I still have many more talks to dig through myself.

And that’s all folks.

Little Big Planet

Friday, March 9th, 2007

The innovative games arms race is on.

… Alright, I give up.

Normally when I see a really fantastic game like this, I’m all excited (Spore). This one drove me in to a brief game design depression. Now that’s emergent gameplay at it’s finest, and I’ve not even played the game.

Concepts like collaborative editing and modern user friendly editing. Two ideas I’ve been extremely excited about toying with. “Oh, we do them both”. Bastards.

Sticking to objects. Cool. I toyed with something like that, and I called it The Spider. “Oh, but we can stick to things that move”. Oh yeah… holy sh$% that’s cool! …pause… Aww crap. :(

And it looks great, with depth of field effects and everything. Damn.

The innovative games arms race is on, and in full force.