A cruel tease

I must really enjoy being vague.

Three reasons for this. #1, I’m an ass. #2, The art is going through a major (final) overhaul at the moment. #3, I kinda don’t want my loyal viewer to pre-judge the game yet.

So the obvious answer, yes, it’s an iPhone game. Analysis of the mosaic well tell you a few things about the game, but to my credit, it’s not a clone. It’s a few things, but not a clone. Yep! Not a clone. In the unlikely circumstance it is a clone, then I’ve never played the original, and they deserve my praise.

The game is in it’s final stages. “Alpha” would be a good term for it. Feature complete top to bottom, but since I’m working solo, that’s put all the final art production and finishing touches between Alpha and Beta. The bulk of this is menus, which I initially expected (i.e. hoped) would take a week, but it may take a ‘little’ longer.

Ahh the infamous “Next Week + X” gold date.

I’m hoping that I’ll have the promotional artwork ready to show here next weekend. In the mean time, if you want more vague update remarks, you can follow me on Twitter.


You can also catch tease part 2 there, i.e. my theme. And also vaguely learn about other mystery projects in development before this, and some movies I’ve seen. Oooh!

Fun fun.