Getting Close

Still doin’ the perpetual “one more week”, but I’m close. Very close. :)

If things go according to plan, we’ll be beta next Monday (September 1st). I want to sit on it a couple days and test the crap out of it, just to be sure it’s all good. Then off to Apple by Wednesday-Friday.

I wanted the promo+box art done a couple weeks ago, but I amusingly keep pushing it back. I told myself I’d finish it this weekend, but hey, nope. I’ve got some good sketches, just nothing digital yet.

I’ve done nearly everything reasonable I wanted in the game (with a few little things to slip in this week). I ended up spending a couple days last week making some alternative art. Turned out much better than the original set, which kinda makes me want to go back and redo the original. It’s fine though… Mike, listen! Just leave it! Ship it!

So bare with the vague just a little while longer. ;)

– – – – –

Besides taking some well deserved rest, I suppose I’m torn with what comes next. Immediately following, I’ll have to pull together a proper website and press pack for the game. But after all that, I have the option of diving right in to Project 2, or to spend some time building some tools, libraries, etc.

I have a list of little things I’d have loved to have whilst developing this game, that certainly would come in handy for future games. I suppose I’m in a bit of a tooly mindset right now. That might make a fun blogging project. ;)

– – – – –

Ludum Dare 12’s voting finishes up tonight. I’ll be around for my usual administrative contributions.

Then next week I announce the theme for Mini LD #3, hosted by me. I really hope I can get the game shipped out before Friday (September 5th), so I can at least veg for a day.

Mind you, administrating a compo isn’t that much work (hit a few switches, make some posts, and announce the theme), but still.

You know, I could be vegging. :)