Release Candidate 1

It’s late, now 5 AM Saturday morning. Release Candidate 1 is just a few hours away. Some achievement tweaks, and minor bugs and we’re good.

Should go out to Apple on Monday afternoon. Then probably a week and it’ll be live in the App Store.

I’d have taken a photo, but I’m currently cameraless.

– – – –

The dummy website for the game:

Some time after it goes out, I’ll make a proper site.

– – – –

A couple weeks back I also updated the PuffBOMB website:
(there are secrets in his eyes!)

Nothing new per se, but a teaser image from the console remake that… well… I’ll now be porting to the iPhone. ;)

– – – –

EDIT: Finished RC1 around 8:00 PM today (Saturday). As mentioned, I’m going to take the rest of the weekend to run through the game a few more times, and if everything checks out, send it off Monday Afternoon.