Finally, a weekend

I just finished up the other half of the game split a couple hours ago, “Smiles Drop”. It needs some testing first, but it should be off to Apple early/mid next week.

So here we are. Just over 3 weeks after finishing Smiles. Finished a video, finished a web site, finished a press release, finished contacting the websites, and now finished my releases for the next couple weeks.

Wow… I think I can finally take a weekend off now.

I’m going to be pretty busy up until the end of the year, but it’s good busy. I suppose I’ll have some time to finally start diving in to some of the crazy stuff I did during the development of Smiles. I’ve got a handful of work in progress videos, and a few interesting bug videos. Or I could crack open Disgaea 3 and start playing finally.

Oh where to start? ;)