Smile Zen and Drop Available, News

It’s been 2 weeks, and much has happened.

As the topic suggests, Smiles Drop and Smiles Zen are now both available. $2.99 each, or save $1 by getting Smiles ($4.99).

Smiles Zen Smiles Drop

So yeah, in a way that means I technically have 3 games out. :D

As for blog content, I’m half way through a post on what went in to creating the video. Actually I was half through the Friday of the last post, but got caught up in the fact that I could actually take it easy for a couple days… and I sorta haven’t gone back to finish the post yet. ;)

I sent a bunch of e-mails out late Monday night to announce the full availability of the split. I got some response. I’ll list these later with the new reviews.

Speaking of writing, I should be contributing a chapter to a book. More details to follow in the coming months.

As for the last week and the weekend, I’ve been busy backing up, formatting, rebuilding my server and workstation PC’s. Server’s back up and humming away (short an SVN problem). Workstation… heh… I guess that’s in progress. It’s backed up, but I keep putting off the format.

Main reason for putting it off, Ludum Dare 13.

Ludum Dare 13 is this weekend. Theme voting is on right now. Then at the usual 11 PM EST it goes live, and 48 hours later you have a game. This is the first one in a long time I’m making the effort to enter. Things have “sort of” calmed down. At least, calm enough that I’m able to make such plans. Heh, one of these days I’ll get around to finishing the site. ;)

In related Ludum Dare news, we’re obviously all a little silly. Towlr is back and bigger than ever.

towlr is back

Currently there are 4 towlr games created by different Ludum Dare regulars featured on the official site. More are in development and/or require some py2exe love. If there ever was a Ludum Dare inside joke/critique on game design, it’s this. Towlr is watching. Towlr waits. May you discover the cake in each.

The IGF Mobile entries list went live the other day. A relieved mere 104 entries. Hehe, with my entry number of 754, I was a little worried. :D

Phil and I are both there, as well as several people I’ve been chatting with via e-mail, forums, IRC and Twitter. Plus, as far as I can tell, each category of a classic IGF is available too so… dare I say… there’s actually a chance of being a finalist for something. :D

I’ve been marketing like a machine. Tuesday night, Apple went live with a feature that lets you send promotional codes good for a free copy of games. They limit you to 50 codes per game, and with 3 games worth of codes at my disposal I’ve been getting creative. :)

Promo Codes

This image I lifted from an article on iLounge. It seems I was aggressive enough to get a mention. :D

I’ve nearly used up all my Smiles freebies. I’m saving a few for emergencies, but Smiles Zen and Smiles Drop codes have proved to be good giveaways for iPhone game sites. A little promotion I did today was met with some pretty good response. One and two minutes later, and the codes were all gone.

Googling for “Smiles Game” and “Smile iPhone” now finally yields some results related to the game. Excellent. :D . Cracking the “Smiles” search term is going to be a real battle. Bottom of page 9 last I checked. I just have to keep people talking. ;)

– – – – – – –

Now for the latest reviews!

First off, Smiles is currently averaging a 4.8 Star user rating worldwide. That’s pretty great. :)

OSX Reality gave Smiles a nice 4 Star review. The only beef was likely solved with the recent release of the split.

iPhone Games Network gave Smiles 4.5 Stars, an Editors’ Choice award, and a great quote for the website.

148 Apps gave Smiles 4.5 Stars, and another great quote for the website. approves of Smiles in a Video Review. A shame he didn’t find the multiple touches feature in Drop yet. I need to make this more obvious in v1.1.

A blogger discovered Smiles, and seems to think it’s worth the money. That’s good. :D

– – – – – – –

And the publicity!

Slide to Play mentioned Smiles in their weekly look at games video.

iLounge included a mention in addition to the promo codes article above.

The iPhone Blog liked my alternative to the usual price drop madness plaguing the iPhone.

Pocket Gamer liked it enough to post about it too.

I’m going to skip syndication this time, since there’s so much of it. ;)

– – – – – – –

So wow, lots going on. I know I’ve missed something, but that’s what I’ve got for now.

In the mean time, Ludum Dare 13 is tomorrow. I’ll be all over that and then some. Then to finish (start) this workstation format, and get back to the fun.

Until next time.