Smiles at the IGF Mobile – Tuesday

Live from San Fransisco, it’s… me.

As you may or may not have heard, I didn’t win. But that’s alright, I’m still here to exhibit.

We’re sharing booth space with the IGF main competition entrants, which is great. That way, when people come to see the cool IGF games, they’ll find us too. Here’s my slice.


Other cool stuff, Apple put up a page of us IGF Mobile entries. Very awesome. The part I love though, Smiles is the 1st game listed on the page. I’ll have to take some shots of iTunes when I get home.

Also, it seems I finally hit a chart. Smiles, for the first time, was on the Strategy Game Top 100 in the App Store. It wasn’t that high, but I saw it. I’m looking forward to seeing what a day of “on a chart” sales looks like.

That is it for today. I’ll be sure to snap a photo of it properly set up. I don’t imagine it’ll change much on Thursday/Friday, but if I can think of anything related to snap, I’ll be sure to do it. Until tomorrow.