Smiles at the IGF Mobile – Wednesday

First day of exhibiting. I have to say, I’m exhausted. Feet ached, and limped a bit throughout the day, but I loved it.

Here’s a few photos of the completed setup.


And a little closer.


I’m sharing a hotel with Phil Hassey of Galcon fame, and he had an amusing idea about creating some cheap signage. Hilighers and posterboard. At his booth he has a nicely done caracture of his goat Cuzco with a very supermarket-like sign advertising his sale. Me, I needed an “I’m not here” sign, so here’s what I came up with given the tools I had.


For the most part you didn’t see this, since I stuck around all day. Still, I was ready in case I had to step out. Left the sign and some cards when I finished for the night.

Dead tired, but I’ll be there again tomorrow. Hopefully, I can secure a chair for the day.