A trailer and a compo

Yes yes, I’m awfully quiet. What else is new?

Let me tell you.

First things first, a brand new trailer for Smiles.

Why does Smiles need a new trailer? I’ll tell you when you’re older.

This ended up taking a couple weeks longer than I’d hoped it would (spontaneous summer vacation?), but it’s done. The new trailer combines the tidbits dropped in the last post (mushroom animation, new logo), some gameplay footage, and a nice audio track. I rather like the results.

Related, I made some minor tweaks+updates to the Smiles website. Not much to brag about, but it seems it was rather out of date.


Not anymore! 🙂

– – – – –

Next up, Ludum Dare 15 is this weekend.

Ludum Dare


I somehow found (made?) time to do a bunch of website work, including refreshing the logo as seen above. The compo site has a brand new look too, so go check it out. Eventually I’ll bring this fancy new look to the rest of the site… just probably not this week. 😉

– – – – –

There’s probably something I’m missing, but I’m busy trying to make some big news right now.

Ta ta!