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Video: Cross promotion in Smiles

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Here’s something I hope to start doing more often. Technically, I’ve been hoping to actually start all year. Short development video logs.

Today’s video is a demonstration of the cross promotion features in Smiles Zen and Smiles Drop. Inspiration hit last night, and I added something amusing to it I’d thought I’d share.

Both builds should go out tonight. I’ll be adding a pair of arrows beside the icon, just so it’s even clearer that you can click on it right here.

– – – –

In other news, Smiles 1.3 (the full bundle) was approved yesterday. That includes the graphics performance fixes for the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd gen, in addition to a few other little bugs.

After Free Smiles 1.3 is finished, the plan is to get back to the ports… and hopefully actually talking about them and some of the technical details that have gone in their development.

Cross promotion in Zen and Drop

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Smiles 1.3 is already in the Apple queue, but not Zen and Drop yet. Something “new” in 1.3 is that I removed the “how to play music” instructions from the game. This used to be in the upper right corner of the screen. The description used to say you could “double tap” the home button to bring up music playback, but it seems that was wrong on the iPhones and 3rd gen iPods. So rather than have to keep keeping this up to date, it’s gone.

Now this past weekend I did a promotion, giving Smiles Zen away for FREE. What might not be obvious to these nearly 8000 people is that there’s another game, Smiles Drop they may like (like even more perhaps). So instead of simply removing the instructions from the standalone Zen and Drop, I’ve changed them to teaser icons for the opposite game.

Some screenshots of the iPhone build running on my PC.

Smiles Zen, promoting Drop

Smiles Zen, promoting Drop

Smiles Drop, promoting Zen

Smiles Drop, promoting Zen

The description pages I haven’t finished yet. Those come soon.

Something I was considering was implementing actual demos inside that icon. It’s doable, but the problem is how disconnected the 4 builds are. Smiles, Free Smiles, Smiles Zen, and Smiles Drop all separate SVN branches from the Smiles mainline. Even the PC version is a separate branch, so it’s a little disorganized there. So it’s unlikely, but it would be nice.

Smiles Zen “FREE ZEN WEEKEND” download stats

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

I figure there’s no reason not to share these.

Smiles Zen‘s “FREE ZEN WEEKEND” download statistics:

1022 – Thursday October 29th (started at noon)
3544 – Friday October 30th
1826 – Saturday October 31st
1361 – Sunday November 1st
144 – Monday November 2nd (ended at 1 AM)

The 29th was a fraction of a day. I flipped the switch roughly around noon, which kicked in about 4 hours later. The 30th is the actual 1 year anniversary.

So far that puts the total at 7900 free downloads of Smiles Zen. I turned the sale off at 1 AM on the 1st (making it the 2nd technically), so it’s possible several more freebies snuck in (EDIT: updated figures).

So did sales improve? Um, a little, but nothing worth bragging about. The hope now is that I can turn the 1.3 update in to a cross promotion for Smiles Drop. That’s nearly 8000 people I didn’t have access to before, which is always nice to have.