Smiles for Kindle

Happy April 1st!

To start, my thing to make you laugh.

I’ll be finishing this up in the coming weeks. I had to prioritize some stuff ahead of it due at the end March (another reason I’ve been so quiet post GDC). There was also a faux pas on my part, but nothing too big… I just have to drive down to the US border and activate a 2nd gen Kindle. Totally fine! Next week!

I’ll have more soon. No joke!

* * *

The final stretch of Smiles ports is upon us!

Symbian^3 has been submitted to Nokia, Smiles for Maemo (N900) is already available (and selling pretty good).

Android is finished and working great, I’m just waiting on a bugfix in the middleware I used (Airplay SDK). To other developers, I strongly recommend checking out Airplay. The team at Ideaworks have done a fantastic job (you can even do iPhone dev on Windows).

Soon! I’m so very close to being finished this herculean task of … well, whatever you want to call my port-crazyness.

Ludum Dare #20 is coming up April 29th, and ToJam #6 in the middle of May. The former I run, and the later I’ve been invited out to. Assuming I’m not in New York for a certain *something something*, expect me in Toronto for the To’s and the Jam’s.

That’s all for now. Home stretch!