Introducing: The Indie Indie Conversation

Hello there! I figured now was a good time to talk about a project I’ve been involved with for the past couple months now. Something we like to call, the Indie Indie Conversation. The conversation is a YouTube channel shared amongst a group of indie game developers where we talk about what we do, the challenges, and the lifestyle of creating games independently for a living.

I’ve personally failed many attempts at starting a regular video log here on my blog, and in retrospect that may have been the uncomfortable feeling of “talking to a wall”. All these attempts seem to lack the personal charm (not to say I’m charming) and comfortable honesty I think they needed to really work.

Mike Hommel, a friend, fellow indie developer, and fellow former co-writer with me on GameTunnel’s Monthly Round-up pitched the idea: Why don’t we try talking to each-other? Hence the conversation was born.

I didn’t announce this right away, as I wasn’t sure we were going to keep it up. Plus, I wanted to be sure and finally comfortable with my … ahem… “performance” in the video. I’m no public speaker, but recently I’ve been doing some of my best improvised recorded video work, and I’d like to start sharing them.

Above is a video where I talk about regrets of the past 6 years, being a full time indie. I think it does a great job capturing what we aim for in the series, and perhaps what’s special about it (honesty, trials, tribulations).

We create A LOT of content though, as the point is it HAS TO BE quick for us to make. As of this writing, we’re nearly at 150 videos, and 12 hours of content. Seeing how this is my blog, I’ll be picking, choosing, and sharing some of my best videos with you here, as I do think they are topical to my reader (hi mom).

If you’re an indie game developer that’s in the mood to burn away a day (or two), I recommend you dive in to the archives. Videos are added to the channel chronologically, and YouTube lets you sort in reverse order by clicking the field names, so make good use of that! Check us out:

I’ll be back with a few more posts of these, and content specific to me and my own games soon.