Conversation: Business and Fear

From Monday, Gianfranco (whom I abbreviate as GB) was concerned that some of the guys might have been fear-mongering after a recent set of very sad sad videos. That catapulted me in to a rant about… well… yeah, it’s actually that way. Indie truths a-plenty.

The first begins on the subject of “big games are extremely risky”, despite doing one myself right now.

I had some upload issues with the prior video, which lead me to watching my video a few more times, and expanding on the subject of indies and failures.

Finally, I explicitly DON’T apologize for fear mongering, because we need it.

And there we have 17 some minutes of rant. I’m left feeling a little worried about some of the things said, but I’m glad to have said them.

Today is Wednesday now, so like I touch upon in that first video, I might have an announcement… or not… CMON YES!!!! I WANNA HAVE GOOD NEWS!!! RRRRRRRR!!!!