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Net Adapter – AKA the “Get IP/MAC address” library

Friday, October 26th, 2012

So hey. I wrote and open sourced a small cross platform library for getting the IP and MAC address of the current device. You can find it here:

So far I’ve tested it on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and Mac OSX Mountain Lion. It *should* also work on iOS, BSD and Android. If you happen to test it on one of those other platforms, I would love to know what the Sample program outputs. Thanks!

EDIT (June 2015): Moved it to GitHub, merged in an Android fix.

HTTP GET and POST’s from scratch with Sockets

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

So I’ve done a bunch of networking research lately, and have actually decided I’m not going to continue writing my own HTTP GETter and POSTer. Instead, I’ll be using libcurl. That said, I am not that comfortable using 3rd party libraries and tools unless I have a solid understanding of how they work internally.

So this is a collection of notes on how to do HTTP GET and POST requests, in case I ever need to come back and do this from scratch (because I’m not going to remember all this). So lets get started.