SquirrelyJS – Squirrel Programming Language in the browser

Phew! Okay, my little science experiment from today (i.e. why I needed a makefile): SquirrelyJS.


SquirrelyJS is a Squirrel Programming Language compiler and VM running in the browser. So it’s a bunch of JavaScript code, a bunch of C/C++ code compiled using Emscripten, all wired up to a shitty web page.

It’s barebones at the moment. You can edit/change/replace the code in the left side, and hit the Compile buttons to recompile it. Then click the Run buttons to run it, outputting to the left side.

The only commands that have any control are “print” and “error”. Both print text. print is black, and error is red.

For more Squirrely programming ideas (and an explanation of the test program) go here:


Ultimately, the reason I made this was to do some benchmarking, but I’m too tired today to do anymore (I nearly didn’t even blog about it once finished).

So ya, Squirrels.