The correct way to SDL_Init

By correct, I mean the way that will work across multiple devices, and give you OpenGL (ES) shaders.

If you don’t need shaders (i.e. OpenGL 1.x, OpenGL ES 1.1), a lone SDL_Init will suffice (default behavior).

If you are using SDL_GL_LoadLibrary, you *MUST* put the calls in the following order.

I had to do it this way (between these 2 calls), otherwise Android devices with PowerVR GPUs would not work (Nexus S, Intel powered devices, Kindle Fire?, etc).

That said, I’m actually not sure of the benefits of SDL_GL_LoadLibrary. Removing it from my code works just fine. The documentation suggests having to manually use SDL_GL_GetProcAddress as a result of SDL_GL_LoadLibrary, which doesn’t sound cool.

I’ve noticed I’ve never had to do this, but I am using an updated version of GLEE (haven’t switched to GLEW yet). Huh.

TL;DR: Don’t use SDL_GL_LoadLibrary.