Notes: Rogers Wireless E-mail to Text

Rogers has 2 ways (that I know of) for sending short e-mails to people as text messages.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] where TENDIGITPHONENUMBER is your ten digit phone number (i.e. 555-555-5555, but without the dashes). You’ll receive a message looking like this:

Each messages seems to come from a unique 11 digit address, even if the incoming e-mail address is the same. This is a limitation of the rogers system (or specifically “by design”). Bell apparently does not have this limit.

The first was 222220000, the 2nd 222220001, and so on.

NOTE: These incoming number is longer than a phone number (typically 10 digits).

I can’t find any documentation for this, but I did find a rogers technician recommending it.

No idea what the limits are, or how to avoid being blacklisted (if that’s even a thing).

I found a thread talking about a spammer that was sending explicit (ala “hey sexy boy”) messages to people using this method. Of note, the incoming 11 digit numbers were either in 22222xxxx format, or 3333333xxx form. This happened this year actually. It was eventually resolved, I think anyway (the replies in the thread stopped).

The legacy mail-to-text service. This exists so older non-smartphones can get e-mail. It’s beholden to some limitations, but has some additional features like custom e-mail addresses ([email protected]).



Send and receive email via text messaging

1. Your phone’s e-mail address is your [email protected]
2. You will receive a ‘Message Alert’ when an e-mail is sent to your phone.
3. Simply reply “read” to the Message alert if you want to receive the message, or reply “block” to the Message alert to block the sender from sending you future messages

Features & Benefits

* Receive the first 160 characters of each message automatically. If the message is over 160 characters, you must reply MORE to be sent more of the message.
* Create your own e-mail address (eg. [email protected]). Availability is on a first come, first serve basis
* Spam control blocks unwanted e-mail messages

Reply Commands:

Command Short Forms Description
Read R Reads or gets the next part of the message
Block B Adds the sender to your “deny” list (spam control*)
Forward [email protected] F Forward the entire e-mail message (including attachments) to another e-mail address
Forward addr1; addr2; addr… F Forward the entire e-mail message to a list of e-mail addresses (separate addresses with semicolons)
Get cc Gcc,
G cc
Retrieves the cc list on a received message
Any other text Replying with any other text will send that text back to the original sender as a reply to the sender’s email

To configure the service itself, you send texts to 0000000000 (10 zeros).

Command Description
Subscribe Turns the E-Mail to Text service on
unSubscribe Turns the E-Mail to Text service off
Alias name Defines your alias (e.g.
Name your name Defines a familiar name (e.g. “John Smith”), in addition to the e-mail alias, for outbound e-mails from your phone
number off Turns alerts off for e-mail sent to Note: You must define an alias in order to use this command!
number on Turns alerts for on
cc on All replies will be sent to all addresses in the ‘To’ and ‘cc’ fields of the original received e-mail
cc off Turns carbon copy reply off
Allow [email protected] Add a sender to the “allow” list, removing that sender from the “deny” list if necessary. (spam control*)
Allow Add any address from a domain to the “allow” list (any
[email protected]
Add a sender to the “deny” list, removing that sender from the “allow” list if necessary. (spam control*)
Block Add any address from a domain to the “deny” list (any
Francais Request service in French
Help Returns a list of help topics
Help command Returns help for using a specific command

Online Tool

There are also online tools you can access, once logged in to your rogers account, for doing this.

Other Fun Things

It seems if you accidentally text a regular phone line, Rogers will charge you 15 cents, and a robot will read the text.

On Twitter and Text Messages

A text message typically has a limit of 160 characters. This rule should apply above.

Twitter is historically 140 characters because they allocated 140 characters for the message, and 20 for the name.

In practice though, Twitter actually limits your username to 15 characters. Your styled “Full Name” can be the whole 20 characters. I don’t have confirmation of this, but technically 15 characters + “” is also 20 characters.

On Other Services

Replace [num] with a 10 digit phone number (i.e. 5555555555).

  • [num]
  • [num] – also
  • [num]
  • [num] – but this appears to be the rogers legacy service. may work
  • [num]
  • [num] (PC Mobile) – no website, but bell runs the domain
  • [num] (Virgin Mobile)
  • [num] – May require activation
  • [num] (Saskatchewan)
  • [num] (Manitoba)

This isn’t trying to be a comprehensive list, but at least lists several of the Canadian ones. I can’t find one for Roam Mobility.