Notes: USB/IP

USB/IP is a Linux tool for sharing USB ports with other computers on your network.

It’s been available as part of the Kernel since 3.2, but thanks to the older package still being in the Ubuntu repository, it causes confusion. The following is the proper way to use it.

Installing USB/IP on the Server

More than likely, USB/IP is already installed. If not, you may have to do the following.


Installing USB/IP on the Client

Again, it may already be installed:

Binding a local USB port

Now do the following.

Now if you list your usb devices, you should see a brand new bus and all the attached devices.

Post Setup Notes

I tried setting up my remote webcam, and it works.

However, I ran in to an issue that I can’t stream a 640×480 camera picture, just the default lower resolution one.

Other than that, it’s working great. Not entirely sure why I’m limited.

Fun with Armbian/SunXI

At the time of this writing, Armbian lacks a “linux-tools-4.7.3-sunxi” package (for Armbian 5.20).

A workaround is to install the generic package as mentioned above.

This should make the following folders available (or something like them):

The usbip and usbipd tools expect to find a /usr/lib/linux-tools/4.7.3-sunxi/ folder.

Make a symlink from generic to that.

EDIT: As of January 2017, the hwdata package is required