Ludography!? What a ludicrous word!!

(Todo: Expand on this)

As Sykhronics Entertainment
Smiles – iPhone

Programmer, Lead Programmer, Technical Director
Atomic Betty – Gameboy Advance
Dragon Tower – J2ME Mobile
Connect 4 – Mophun Mobile
Barry Bonds Homerun History – Mophun Mobile
Barbie: Gotta Have Games – Playstation
Polly Pocket: Super Splash Island – Gameboy Advance
Secret Agent Barbie – Gameboy Advance
Diva*Starz: Mall Madness – Gameboy Color
Jump Start: Dino Adventure – Gameboy Color
The Emperors New Groove – Gameboy Color
Hoyle Card Games – Gameboy Color

Additional Programming
Mage Knight – Nintendo DS

Voice Talent
DROD: City Beneath – Misc – PC
Hewitt – “Chris” – Flash Game
PuffBOMB – “Hamster” – PC Freeware
Shrek – “Gum Drop Punks” – Xbox

Other Credits
Mind Wall – Special Thanks – iPhone
Burn Ball – Special Thanks – iPhone
Galcon – Special Thanks – iPhone
Gravitron – QA – PC Freeware
Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese – Gallery Art – PC Shareware
Dungeon Scroll – QA – PC Shareware
Shrek – QA – Xbox

And a hand full of canceled/shelved games, and several smaller technical roles (additional/library code, tools, toolchain, consulting) on games for Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Mobile, PC, and Playstation 2.


Ludography!? What a ludicrous word!!

(Todo: Expand on this)

Games and notable prototypes developed on my time and my dollar. To see games made or paid for by others, go here.

PuffBOMB (iPhone) – 2008-2009
Info coming soon.

Smiles – 2008
Info coming soon.

PuffBOMB (Console) – 2006-2007
Tentatively tiled PuffBOMB Console or PuffBOMB HD. Take “Classic PuffBOMB”, write up a long list of things that you’d need to make it suitable for a console game. Add in “what would actually make the game fun”, that you figure out after munging over the concept for the 4 years since that inspirational weekend. And little bit of “I want to make a notable game, too many girl games in my portfolio”. Shake and stir for a year and bit. Serve hot.

Ballistic Force (Prototype) – 2006
A “funny” story I’ll tell one day.

The Spider (Prototype) – 2005-2006
Early engine tech behind the new PuffBOMB. A cool prototype, but lacks a good universe/mythology to make a compelling game. Ropes and soft body characters.

Classic PuffBOMB – 2005
Revised version of the 2003 prototype. Bug fixes and a re-imaging as I explored where I’d have to go to suit a console game. Submitted to the 2005 IGF and SlamDance competitions. Finalist for the “casual games” award in Slamdance. Part of the “Independent Games Volume 2” retail compilation.

Learn more at PuffBOMB.com/classic/ (when I finish new website)

Zooble (Prototype) – 2004
An early foray in to actual game physics, also made over a weekend (72 Hour GDCompo, solo). I got some of the formula wrong (the physics break), but it decently demonstrates a core game play. Based around the idea of water pressure as a tool for movement. Point the mouse in the direction and click the mouse to shoot water. Shooting downward creates thrust. Hard for some to control, but a very satisfying little experiment.

Download: Playable Zooble and Youtube Video

PuffBOMB (Prototype) – 2003
Originally made over a weekend during one of our Ludum Dare competitions. Cleaned up a bit, released to the real world. Picked up by several international game magazines and included on their coverdisks. Many many freeware sites. Germany approves. The Underdogs.

Learn more at PuffBOMB.com/classic/ (when I finish new website)

Sheep Strike (Prototype) – 2002
A good Ludum Dare competition weekend later. Rampart, but from a side view, and your trying to stop an aerial assault. Two phase game. The first, like Tetris, where you build a defensive using Tetris blocks, and place guns. The 2nd, with the mouse, aim to the sky racking up points taking out an aerial assault of sheep. Watch out, they explode! Don’t let the sheep break your defensive! Save the baby wolves!

Download: Playable Sheep Strike

Trout! (Prototype) – 2002
A less than interesting Ludum Dare competition weekend later. As a fish, swim through a maze (with non existing collision), watch out for *dangerous* hooks, rescue your fishy friends, and guide them home!

Now if *only* that meant it was fun.

Download: Playable Trout!

Fun Game (Prototype) – 2002
From our beta 24 hour Ludum Dare competetion in 2002. Lessons learned include 24 hours is not a lot of time, think “small” when time is small, and many other gems of goodness. Contrary to the name, the game lacks fun. It was to be a simple virtual pet simulation of sorts. Build a place for it to live and play. For the time when I made this, I think the graphics turned out good.


Download: “Playable” Fun Game

Syko*War (Prototype) – 2000
For the obscure (awesome) portable gaming console, the Neo Geo Pocket Color. This was to be a platformer turn based strategy game, bringing characters from my various early game worlds together. It’s “playable”, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it interesting. Interesting technically perhaps, compared to working on the Gameboy Color with it’s washed out colors and 10 sprite limit.

Download: “Playable” Syko*War (NGPC ROM)

*** Historic note – Got job in game industry late 1999 ***

Combat Soccer – 1999
A Gameboy/Gameboy Color game. Made during the weekend before the submission date for Bung Compo 2. An opportunity to net more free stuff, which worked. It’s a rather simplistic Soccer (I.e. Pong) game with dashing, and a missile attack to freeze your opponent.

Download: Combat Soccer (Gameboy ROM)

Poke Da Mon – 1999
A Gameboy/Gameboy Color game. Also a play on words of Pokemon (Poke “DA” mon. Get it? He he he). Entry for Bung Compo 2, walked away with some cool swag. A little arcade’ish game where you hunt down a character in a maze, and poke him with a stick, for points!

Download: Poke Da Mon (Gameboy ROM)

Zeb’s Adventure (Unfinished) – 1999
Zelda’ish RPG… or so it was to be. Mythology and character designs developed (one of my earliest successes in character design). Engine sorta built, but turned in to a joke game (barf particles everywhere!).

Islandgates – 1997
Final Fantasy 2/4’ish RPG. Mythology and story developed, combat wasn’t quite finished. A number of contributions from friends.

Sealing of the New Moon – 1997
Team project, RPG. Not a very well organized team we were. 😉

Murmur’s Dungeon – 1997
Hybrid Final Fantasy/Zelda RPG. Game engine and tools borrowed from Legends of Tidal. The 3 of us built all new content for the game over 2 weeks.

Legends of Tidal – 1996
An island RPG. Murmur’s dungeon was basically this game, but we redid all the art, maps, content, etc.

Seclusion BBS Intro – 1996
A BBS intro for a BBS that most certainly isn’t up anymore.

MJ Pong – 1995?
Collaborative project, at least we started it as a collaboration. Each of us took the game in to different directions on our own. My version had weapons.

Dark Planets (Unfinished) – 1994?
Galaxy (i.e. screen) exploration game.

Older, and some in between. *MANY* games I made art for, but never completed anything noteworthy. Graphics for a friend’s multiplayer deathmatch platformer. An RTS with a “demo group” (more like BBS group). Insignificant add ons for the BBS Door games LoRD and Planets:TEOS. An offline LoRD clone (surprisingly complete too). A multi level+boss fight space invaders clone done in VB. Grew up and learned to program on the C64, but I don’t think there was anything notable.