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Tunnel for May, Rant+1

Monday, June 20th, 2005

GameTunnel’s Monthly Roundup for May is up. This was apparently a tough month to find enough games. Alas, we eventually made our quota of 14. Also, this is the 12th roundup, so guess what? The roundup’s are now a year old. Spiffy. I’ve only been involved for the past 8 months, but crazy ‘ol Mike Homel’s been going strong since the beginning. Congratz.

Too Normal has been quiet this past month, but hey, I haven’t announced this site just yet. There’s been an extremely vague teaser in my signature on IndieGamer for some time now, but I don’t yet have any stalkers there yet… or so I think. ;)

I’ve started fiddling with a new music tracker, Renoise. I havn’t really talked about audio at all here yet, but it’s something I plan to spend more time on. In my *cough* youth, I was a big fan of Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker. A friend Mike and I used to do a lot of tracking with these, trading songs, screwing up each others songs, etc. I eventually moved on to Buzz Tracker, which I really like, short of all the crashing. Recently, I’ve been searching for a new tracker to compliment the budget recording studio I’ve built. I almost went with Psycle, but it can’t save VST settings!?! As for Renoise, I’m very impressed with the interface, and the price is quite reasonable. Tracker like, but evolved. The effects chaining is simple, but nice. I still need to see how it deals with VST instruments, but I think we have a winner.

Gold date for the project I’m involved with at work is coming up at the end of July. So, the way it looks right now, starting August I’m on my extended break. Interesting enough, the next 72 hour compo kicks off friday the 29th. Ain’t that convenient? :D