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All systems are go!

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Amazing. Today was my official last day at Big Blue Bubble. BBB was a great place to work, but I’m a too ambitious for my own good. So, lets see if I can make this happen.

The next couple weeks are some down time. Taking things easy, doing some organization, making backups, and so on. Being realistic, I’ve missed my chance to make the IGF. On the other hand, there’s still something this year I can shoot for. Should be fun.

A new look here too. It’s a borrowed theme with some minor changes, until I have the interest in building a custom one.

Tunnel for June

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Wow, it’s that time again already. Don’t look so impressed.

This was a unique month. To start, we actually recieved 11 full versions! Wow. Usually, we get anywhere from 1-3 full versions per month. This time, we had a whopping 11 (1 being freeware).

As for the games… ha ha ha… I’m not telling you. Ok, several interesting ones. Mexican Motor Mafia was the unanimous favorite; Ultratron, Puppytron on crack; Magic Blackboard, the strangest Breakout/Arkanoid ever… with “Space Gator”, as Anthony Flack put it; And finally, Summer School Girls, which was a game designed for the sole purpose of freaking me out.

It was an extremely tight month for me to meet, thanks to my busy work shedule. Hopefully, things lighten up soon. Otherwise, I’ll be going crazy. Have a good weekend. :D

Rejected Logos

Friday, July 1st, 2005

On a mission to build corporate identity, the trials and tribulations of logo design. Given that introduction, … yeah, I was playing with logo design ideas. At the end of the day, I didn’t exactly come up with something to use. None the less, this is my blog, and I feel compelled to share it with myself, and any other misguided net travelers.

Here’s “Ghastly logo“. For my own amusement, you can see it’s evolution below.

New Ghastly Logo, Rejected

Egads! Maybe as Halloween filler, but I don’t think it’s suitable. It’s just a smidge too evil looking, don’t you think? ;)

For reference, the old logo from last year. Also known as “Swooshy hair logo“.

Old Hair Logo, Rejected

I did like the idea of the swooshy hair originally. Now, I don’t like swooshy. So, the recent set of experiments are swooshless. I’m thinking either a face with some stunned look on it, or to be clever, changing it every game. Either way, more sketching and thinking ahead.