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Slamming from far away

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

Is he scared or staring at something?Slamdance was last week. PuffBOMB was a finalist for the PopCap award. A game by the name of Odyssey took the award. Congratz to them. The rest of the results can be found here.

It’s a shame, but I couldn’t make it out this year. That, and I’m still getting things off the ground here at Syko. I had heard from my “contact” there would be some PuffBOMB action at the festival, but so far my search for evidence has come up short.

Anyways, photo collections of the event I’ve discovered thus far.

Mr. Venture Africa
N Team ?
Clound Team ?

Thank you internets.

December’s Round Up of the Odd

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Yes, your monthly dose of round uppage is online.

After having many great games these past few round up’s, it was expected things would cool down. This month has some cool stuff, but nothing that’s going to pull a Weird Words or such on you. The Mastermind being my favorite of the month, despite it being depressingly buggy. This followed by the funky physics motorcycle game Motorama, some addiction to Egypt with Egyptian Addiction, and a healthy dose of shooting and space games, and some Arkanoids for good measure.

Visit GameTunnel and check it out.

The year is new, and 3 weeks old

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

My hat is huge, and so is my hateYes, it is certainly a newer year than before, and yet, I’m 3 weeks behind in declaring it as such. Ahh, this whole time thing you corporeal types take for granola.

I’m busy getting things in order on this side of screen. Big year, lots to do. Many sites that need work, and a game development crunch to kick off soon. Stay tuned. Check back every minute. ‘cmon, show my host how much you love it. ;)

Round up is coming at you soon, my bad for it’s lateness.