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May Round-Up, and my last

Friday, May 26th, 2006

The round up for may is up. Heh, I’m sure I’m going to be scolded by Mike and Seth for not finding time to mention to them that this would be my last round up, but in a way, that’s half the reason why. Busy busy.

A hand full of interesting games this month. Eets, the TIM like game with the hungry mood swing guy; Bone: The Great Cow Race, a fine modern example of comic gone adventure game; Odyssey: Winds of Athena, the game with the water currents gameplay; and American History Lux, desensitizing gamers of war since 1754.

So there we have it. This month puts me just over a year and a half’s worth of round up’s. It’s been a great little research project. I’ve played a lot of interesting games I would have normally missed. It’s been a really great way to put the Indie and Casual games industry in to perspective.

And now, back to the grind. Just like last month/post suggested, things are busy. There was a bit of a significant project direction shift then, to better meet a quickly approaching deadline. I’m afraid this annoying “vague” tone is required for a month or two more. That, and I’d rather speak with images.