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June, can’t forget June

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

It\Well, I’m not going to let the month go by without posting something. After all, I have been doing much stuff. Not so much round up, but many many other things.

The project progresses. We’re busy preparing a pitch-able playable of the game that we’ll be pitchely pitching to potential pitch-able people pretty pitching soon. I’ll have less riddles and more to say about that in a few weeks.

Also, I’ve silently (and finally) put together a MacOS X version of PuffBOMB. Sadly, it’s only for Power PC based Mac’s running Panther (10.3) or better. I don’t have an Intel Mac, so I don’t know if it runs under Rosetta. I’ve also done some minor bug fixing with the Windows version (Dual Core friendly now), and made a slight improvement to the background (subtle teaser to your right, can you tell the difference?). This was inspired by and for something I’ll talk about soon (NDA).

As for other fun things, I’ve been toying with videos! I recorded gameplay demonstration movies of the infamous PuffBOMB, and one of a other lesser known prototype game of mine, Zooble.

Zooble – 2004 Game Prototype

Classic PuffBOMB – 2003 Game Prototype (revised in 2005)

I’ll probably encode more historic game videos later. I do have a couple prototype progress videos of the current stuff, but I’m sitting on those until we sign something.

And now I’m off to see if I can safely upgrade and “fix” my spam problem here. I temporarily disable commenting,that way I wouldn’t have wake up every morning and delete Viagra, Home Insurance/Mortgages, Casinos, Poker, and whatever other crap I’ve been manually filtering. Manual sucks.