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2D Illustrator or Animator needed

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

This posting has been filled. Thanks everyone.

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Here’s a little job posting that I’ve started to circulate.

[edit] Edited, ’cause it was rather technical and mean sounding. ;)

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Hi there,

We’re looking for a skilled 2D illustrator or animator for a 2 month contract, to start some time in February. The work can be done remotely. This is a full time contract, and I expect it to be on par with industry wages.

We’re on schedule to finish the game by the summer. The game is being developed for High Definition and Standard Definition TV resolutions. It’s played from a side view, like a classic 2D platformer game (Super Mario Bros, etc…).

Visually, we’re aiming for a strong, smooth, possibly iconic vector illustration look for the game. 2D animated characters on layered scrolling 2D scenery. Behind the scenes is a capable 3D game engine, and 2D physics engine, though we’d like the game to have a 2D animated feel.

The game features scenes of cartoon violence. No gore, just something in the vein of classic Road Runner cartoons.

To get an idea what the job would entail, you’ll be working with us initially to establish the background look. Then you’ll be working with the 3D modeler and level designer, designing backgrounds and foreground parts for the game, breaking them down for the 3D modeler to reproduce in our tools, and creating any textures needed to achieve the look. Then a similar process for the menus. After that, we’d like to work with you on the character, props, and get your feedback on the HUD and other things found in various parts of the game.

To be able to test the game, you’re going to need a relatively modern PC running Windows XP with a relatively modern video card.

Experience with Flash, ToonBoom, Blender, or any 3D experience is a plus.

To start, I’d like to see portfolios, and any emphasis on background works would be beneficial. Prop, menu, and character work is a plus. You can send them to [email protected] I’d prefer website links, but if you’d like to e-mail something, try not to let it exceed 10 MB.

Candidates we like, we’ll be getting back to for a quote in the next couple weeks. Anyone we don’t get back to, my apologies, but we have a specific style we’re trying to nail with this game.


Mike Kasprzak
Sykhronics Entertainment
Contact: jobs AT

Warmup Ludum Dare Compo 2007 – Jan 26-28

Friday, January 19th, 2007

This is a reprint of what hit the mailing list yesterday.

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On the weekend of Jan 26-28 there will be an unofficial Ludum Dare warmup competition.
The compo will be held entirely in #ludumdare on Final entries must be hosted on your own web space. Someone might put up a wiki, but that someone won’t be me :)

– Theme choice will be discussed and voted on Jan 26 at 7pm PST.
– Participants will have the whole weekend to create the game
– You must choose a single 24 hour time-slot to build your game (so, “all day Saturday”, etc, no taking all 72 hours to make the game. This is a mini-warmup compo with flexible hours.) Honor system and all that.
– Winners will be informally nominated after the competition. “I nominate so-and-so for best graphics!”

Hope to see you there!

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Stop by for some milk and cookies, and for some encouragement to get you out of any game making rut you may be in.

10 minutes later

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007


It was fun while it lasted

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

I like Slamdance. I entered PuffBOMB last year, and was a finalist for the casual game award. Since then, I’ve been excited that a more “artful” game competition was beginning to take off. Winners receive a funky ugly dog statuette. Cool! :)

Then a controversial game was pulled. Things are not going well now.

It’s a real shame, and I hope something good comes from the controversy, rather than developing in to more Jack Thompson style heat for our industry. The situation is all bad, no matter how many games pull out or stay in. I don’t even think Slamdance changing their minds would help at this point, regardless of the intentions of the letter.

I could and would really like to go off more on this, but I can’t afford to. I’ll be cheering and booing from the sidelines. Go team!

Oh right, a compilation too

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

It seems I missed the memo.

The 2nd Independent Games compilation was released back in September (25th), and that PuffBOMB game I seem to talk about all the time was included.

As well, there was a set of concept art included in the package. Said art can also be seen right here.

I suppose I should go find a way to acquire a copy, ’cause I’m not sure what happened to a complimentary one.

And in other news… I’m adding another sentence to this post so to not screw up the formating, thanks to my overly large image. Mission accomplished.

Sketches and Website 2007

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

I’m actively preparing for … some event. ;)

On my to-do list for this miraculous day, is cleaning up the web sites. Well, I’ve finished 1 so far, the Sykhronics web site.

It’s not functional, but I think it looks cooler/more professional than before. I’ll make it usable at some later date.

Since it’s a new month, here’s a couple notable images from last month. The first is are a little sketch I did for each of my grandmother’s in their Christmas cards.

And one for my aunt.

Oh, and happy new year.