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Stupid short months

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Sitting in the home office, doing taxes. I came to the realization that the it’s one of those silly short February’s, and I hadn’t posted anything this month. I’ve been doing good as far as posts, with at least 1 thing to say every month. It’d be a shame to break that nice consistent list of dates on the right. :D

Job postings work. We found somebody that seems perfect for the job below. Just waiting on paperwork.

My PC wasn’t playing nice with DRM’d software (Audition, Colossus, …). I was also having odd issues with my DVD Burner, and my HP scanner was too fat (physically, and driver wise… 200 MB for a driver!?!).

I’m declaring it. That’s the last ASUS and HP product I buy.

So a couple weeks back, I went from a dual core Athlon, to a Quad core Intel. And instead of an ASUS, I went with an eVGA board. It’s an NVidia spec board, no stupid ASUS thinking they’re better designers garbage. Also, a USB powered Canon scanner. Ahh… the driver is a nice light 11 MB. Yes, 11 MB is “light” by today’s standards.

Also, of some interest, I’m now running Windows XP 64. Short of some printer problems, and MinGW’s BASH not working, it’s great. For the next month or so, you can buy a Windows XP and get a … uh … somewhat free upgrade to Vista. A $30 shipping style free upgrade, but it’s something. And yes, 64bit Windows XP gets you Vista 64 Biz. I’ll be waiting on installing it for a while, since not all my software is Vista friendly yet.

Oh and speaking of printer problems, while looking for replacement toner, I noticed it was actually cheaper to buy a new laser printer than to buy the toner ($99 printer, $105 toner). However, Future Shop’s lovely website had some refurbished Network Color Laser’s on for $250 ($300 off). What was I to do? :D


Yikes. Konica Minolta 5430 DL.

I kinda wish it had a duplexer, but that stupid page flipping device costs over $300. That’s more than I paid for the printer! It also takes DIMM socketed memories, so we nearly upgraded it, though it didn’t like the PC-100, PC-133 and other sticks I had sitting around. A shame. It works beautifully with XP 64. :)

On topic, we put together a trailer/presentation, and playable last month, for “I wont say what”.

I suppose there was also some really crappy family news, but I wont go in to that. I am happy though, she got to see the trailer/presentation before she passed. :(

The next few months should be big. Stay tuned. :D

Pitch Video Trailer Postmortem

Monday, February 19th, 2007

I was busy last month cutting together a trailer for… business purposes. I’ll talk more about this later. It turned out surprisingly more difficult that I had have hoped, but I found a rather unique way of pulling it together.

Obviously, the secret weapon is Fraps. Trying to nab constant 60fps footage was doable, but proved tricky, due to my hard drives not being the most defragged. I don’t know how many takes later, I ended up with nearly an hour of game footage, that was cut down to a 4 minute presentation.

Then I found myself in Virtual Dub, non destructively clipping my clips down to size.

Did my usual thang in Audition, recording a nice, friendly, albeit rushed narrative for the presentation.

But then came the real trouble. Assembling.

Just about every app I tried had some huge problem. Avid, Premier, MS Movie Maker, [email protected] Zweistein, and a list of open source ones. If it wasn’t resolution limits, it was framerate caps, inability to read my files, etc.

In the end, I found a lovely, relatively unrestricted shareware program called, can you believe it, “Video Edit Magic”! And it was. Relatively stable (I didn’t lose anything the 1 time it crashed). Simple. And only $70. It was well worth it, certainly saving my butt.