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Welcome to the Future (AKA 2008)

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Start the year right ‘eh?

I think each year I’ve had a blog, I’ve told myself “Yes sir! This year we’re going to blog more often… and it’s going to be great!”.

I’m not crazy enough to think that’s going to happen, but there’s always the intent. :)

– – – –

Some fun code I toyed with over the past couple weeks, completely unrelated to each other. The VST SDK (audio instrument/effects) and the WinTab SDK (tablets). I know I’m an oddball programmer, as I prefer MinGW (GCC) to Visual Studio. That’s totally asking for headaches when it comes to non open source stuff, but I don’t care. :D

As expected, neither of these SDK’s ship with a MinGW or Cygwin friendly build option (though VST SDK is portable). As far as the effort in getting them working, I gotta say, thumbs up to Steinberg, thumbs down to Wacom.

VST wise, I got started on a VST port of sfxr. I have the sound engine working both as a sound effect generator, and a key’d instrument, but the real meat of sfxr is in the GUI. So if I manage to discover another day of VST inspiration by April, we could have some Instrument + Sound Effect integration for LD11.

Tablet wise, I really just wanted to know exactly what was involved in adding tablet support to an app. Apparently Windows API coding, and lots of obscure searching. :P

– – – –

Ludum Dare #10 results went live Sunday night. 52 submissions. They can be found here, and the entries can be found here.

Phil Hassey, you rock for hosting it. :D

Ludum Dare #11 is scheduled for April this year. The exact weekend, we’ll figure out some time before then. If you want to chime in on weekend suggestions, leave us a comment. There’s mutterings of a 10.5 between then and now. If you’re interested, get on the mailing list, and we’ll let you know if it happens.