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Sugar Magnet

Friday, February 29th, 2008

February 29th! How could I not say something today.

Just what to say is the question.

Blogging in the past, I’ve noticed the tendency to want to turn the blog in to something. A community, articles and subjects, talk-back, and all that stuff. And that’s great and all, but it’s a lot of work for not much return. Traditionally to make ends meet this way, you plaster your blog with advertisements, or actively soliciting contract work. No thanks.

Any readership I may have either hits me once a month, or watches me via RSS or an aggregator. And hey, that’s great. I’m impressed that I have a readership :) . A project shrouded in half-ass secrecy isn’t great content. Pulling away the curtain entirely isn’t easy to do, at least until the perpetual “later”. So instead, this blog collects occasional rants and the odd picture.


Not really.

I’m not ready to promise a change or anything, but I have a bit of a multi-part rant brewed. I’ve been putting a lot of serious thought and planning in to my next project, and in several ways it’s already started. I want it to be blogged right and from the beginning. That just happens to mean I start now.

So tomorrow, March 1st, I’ll be at least posting part one. I’m not delay it for suspense or anything. The rant I’m staring at is long, technical, and self referential. The type of rant that’s really been holding me back from having more to talk about. For cohesions sake, I just want to sleep on it to be sure it all sounds right. It’s looking like it’ll be between 3 and 5 parts long.

Then, in theory, I can finally start talking in the present. Wow!

I want to start walking through my thought process of architecting “the next“. Where I’ve made mistakes, and so on.

Heavy technical, just like mom used to make.