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Finally, a weekend

Friday, November 21st, 2008

I just finished up the other half of the game split a couple hours ago, “Smiles Drop”. It needs some testing first, but it should be off to Apple early/mid next week.

So here we are. Just over 3 weeks after finishing Smiles. Finished a video, finished a web site, finished a press release, finished contacting the websites, and now finished my releases for the next couple weeks.

Wow… I think I can finally take a weekend off now.

I’m going to be pretty busy up until the end of the year, but it’s good busy. I suppose I’ll have some time to finally start diving in to some of the crazy stuff I did during the development of Smiles. I’ve got a handful of work in progress videos, and a few interesting bug videos. Or I could crack open Disgaea 3 and start playing finally.

Oh where to start? ;)

Smiles Zen submitted to Apple

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Part one of my rebellion against the iPhone price drop madness has begun. Smiles Zen, the standalone version of Zen is now sent to Apple.

If everything goes according to plan, it will be released bright and early Tuesday morning. This time, I explicitly set the date.

– – – – – – –

In other news, a new review.…/a-relaxing-matching-game-with-fun-graphics/

OSX Reality – 4 Stars. Incredibly favorable review. Their only beef was that they expect a price drop for it to be competitive. Well, as evidenced above, I’m trying something a little different. :)

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Part of Slide to Play’s “App Store Medley” feature.

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Syndication | Games On Deck | I Go Apps

Smiles Website Update

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

One thing lead to another, and I updated the Smiles website. It now has a fancy header, and a bit of a hint at what I’ll be up to in the coming weeks.

It also seems my press release/pack was picked up by 1up.

And that’s it for now.

Smiles Marketing Week

Friday, November 14th, 2008

And that about wraps up marketing week.

After finishing and finally getting the video uploaded Sunday night, Monday began my marketing blitz.

The day started well, with the almighty Tim taking the first initiative and sharing the video.…

The rest of the Think Services network picked up on the FingerGaming review as part of the usual syndication.

Game Set Watch | GamaSutra

And continuing with Think Services, I entered the game in the IGF Mobile.

– – – – – – –

Phil Hassey did me a huge favor promoting me to his mailing list and the Galcon community.

– – – – – – –

The rest was all up to me.

I contacted pretty much every iPhone gaming site, and a few non gaming ones. Several sites seemed to ignore me, but I was pleased to get some positive feedback right in the e-mails. It does look like you wont be seeing me show anywhere up until next week though.

As a result of the direct contact, I also got to do an interview. The questions were a set of stock questions, but still. Out of all my years working on games, it was actually my first time being interviewed. So I think it’s cool. :D

I’ll link the interview once it goes live.

– – – – – – –

I also sent out a press release.

Press Release!

MCV | Develop |

You can read it’s contents in my previous post. But as I learned in my comments, it seems I should have hit up the #ludumdare crew for some feedback first. ;)

Furthermore, I tried to notify the mainstream gaming press/blogs. I don’t think I got much traction though, but I did my video on GameTrailers.

Haha, it’s been so long. I miss the vicious criticism of the mainstream gaming public. ;)

Remember, I’m the guy that used to work on girl games. :D

– – – – – – –

I finally updated the Sykhronics website. Not in any significant fashion, but it now suggests my industry cred and has a real e-mail link.

– – – – – – –

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to show at this point.

I’d like to sales have been good, but as I’ve been discovering it’s incredibly difficult to be seen outside (and in) the App Store. I certainly have no shortage of plans to continue the promotion, but if you’re going to make a decent income with a somewhat casual game, you really need Apple’s support.

I’m going to try and pull together a post like this each week, detailing what went in to the development of Smiles. I’ll be busy with Smiles related things for the rest of the year, so this should give me a nice break. Once Smiles is out of the system, we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled game and physicsy game crayzness. There’s some weird physics stuff in Smiles too, but that’s a post in and of itself.

Now I’m off to order some computer parts, so I can fix a dying workstation and server.

Sykhronics grins on to iPhone with Smiles

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

London, Ontario, CanadaNovember 12th, 2008

Sykhronics Entertainment would like to introduce, Smiles. A brand new game now available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Smiles is a collection of 2 great games.

Smiles Drop is an unconventional action puzzle game. Unlike many others, you don’t have to wait to make your next move. In addition, you’re not pressured in to making that move either. Play at your own pace. Make matches, break ice and rocks, twisting and turning your way to higher scores.

Smiles Zen is a relaxing game of strategy. Borrowing heavily from Solitaire and Sudoku, it’s an easy game to pick up but difficult to master. Matches light up instead of clearing, and the goal is to light up the board.

In addition to difficulties, Smiles features several extra game modes. Avalanche, where the ice constantly pours out; Hard, where ice is harder to break; Long Play, where multiple matches and combos are easier; And Six, where you can lose in as few as 2 moves.

• 2 great games (Smiles Drop, and Smiles Zen)
• 14 different game modes
• 3 colorful themes
• Designed for players of all skill levels
• Play at a relaxed pace, or make moves right away
• Play in any orientation
• Use gravity to break Rocks and Ice (Drop)
• High Scores
• Statistics
• Over 140 Challenges to complete
• Listen to your music while you play
• Pause menu clock

For more information about Smiles, visit

Smiles is now available in the App Store.


About Sykhronics Entertainment

Sykhronics Entertainment is a Canadian independent game developer. It is owned and operated by Michael Kasprzak, a game industry veteran with nearly a decade of experience. Mike has worked on more than a dozen titles featuring properties from Mattel, Disney, Hoyle, Milton Bradley, Knowledge Adventure and Breakthrough Entertainment. Sykhronics Entertainment aims to bring exciting original titles to current and next generation mobile and console gaming systems.

For more information, visit

Final Smiles “Hands on” Video

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Final version of the Smiles video. It’s the short one again, but with me talking.

Here’s your chance to hear and mock Mike. :)

I’ve been getting a number of positive and amusing comments from the video. Such fun things as that I sound like an Infomercial host, and music sounds like “corporate training music”. :D

Finishing this video has been an incredible hassle. Hard drives dying, frequent reboots, loss of WAV file playback in Windows, and YouTube difficulties. Pretty crazy. But it’s done, and it’s now time to start pushing the game.