Personalizing your GDC pass

Ordinarily, greeting someone by glancing at their chest might be seen as a little rude (especially a lady), but at GDC it’s encouraged! Yes I’m talking about the passes, not making a pass.

The passes do a good job of helping you connect a face to a name, and even a company, but you don’t always know who made or represents what. GDC passes include a relatively large pocket, so you could either make something to insert behind your name card, or cover the pass with some strategically placed stickers.

Mike the walking Ludum Dare advertisement

My stickers I made are 2.2 inches by 0.7 inches each, then printed on inkjet sticker paper. At that size you can fit 2 above the Game Developers Conference label (assuming they’re the same as last years), and a 3rd in the gap between the clips. If you need more space, you can always cover the logo; And if you are, you may as well make 1 big sticker to save the cutting effort.

Pro Tip: Put spare business cards behind everything in your GDC pass pocket. That way they’re easy to reach and give to people.