Mike’s GDC 2010 Schedule

For the benefit of friends and people I’m meeting at the show, here’s a run down of my itinerary for GDC. I’ll also be tweeting and watching twitter while I’m down for any impromptu meets, hang-outs, and whatever with people I know. If the twitter says “totally bored”, then you know. 🙂

If anybody I know needs my cell number, send me a quick e-mail (mike AT sykhronics dot com). It’s not my usual cell, but it’ll be my number whilst I’m in San Fran.

Flight To: Air Canada 757 out of Toronto (Monday 09:25 AM)
Flight Back: Air Canada 756 to Toronto (Sunday 12:55 PM)

– Arrive at around 1 PM
Meet Phil and Check in to Hotel by around 3 PM
– Do early GDC registration between 5 PM and 7 PM
– Find something to do 😀

– Indie Game Summit Day 1. 10 AM to 5 PM
– Eat Lunch (a good idea)
– ???? 6 PM to X PM (i.e. unavailable)

– Indie Game Summit Day 2. 10 AM to 5 PM
– Eat Lunch (also a good idea)
Ludum Dare Meetup @ Metreon – 5:30 PM to “whenever we all leave”
– Dinner with Intel 7 PM

– “Maybe” attend the NVidia Tegra talk at 9 AM
Scheduled Interview 1 PM
– “Maybe” attend the Sony Motion Controller talk at 3 PM
– IGF/GD Choice Awards Ceremony at 6 PM
Indie Art Jam after IGF/GD Choice (assuming I can get in)

– Building Games for Netbooks talk at 9 AM
– Scheduled Interview 2 PM
– Palm PDK Talk at 3 PM (if I can make it)
– Some talk about mind reading through your thumbs, 4:30 PM
Indie Gamer Forum Dinner at 6 PM
– Rest of night TBD 🙂

– Auditioning and casting Actors talk at 9 AM
– San Jose Sharks Hockey game (11 AM to about 4 PM)
– Totally bored! 😀

– To the Airport at 9:30 AM

Get your game face on! It’s GDC time!

If anyone can, Mike can, while holding a can

See you at the show!