Achievement Unlock Sound Effect

I am a regular twitter user. I run a client (twhirl) in the corner of my right monitor, so for me it works like a weird combination of an IM client and RSS reader.

A couple days ago, I caught glance of this request from Noel Llopis (developer of Flower Garden, Dr. Seuss’ Lorax Garden, and the upcoming Casey’s Contraptions).

That’s a good question. As far as I know there’s no real “standard” achievement sound (unless you want to rip-off Microsoft). I made my own way back when I was doing the sound design for Smiles, and I think it’s pretty good. It’s toned at a rather high pitch, and does a good job cutting through any music and sound effects playing.

Smiles take on achievement-unlocked popups

Listening to the sound, I think there’s a good chance I’d use it again in a future game, and why not share? That’s what I’m going to do, so here’s the Achievement unlock sound I created for Smiles (and Smiles HD).

Terms (December 1st, 2010): You are free to use this sound effect in any commercial or non-commercial work. It is not public domain (i.e. please link this article and not the file). I (Mike Kasprzak) retain ownership, but I offer it freely to anyone that wishes to use it. Attribution is not required, but I would greatly appreciate a nod or special thanks.

That should cover it. Feel free to share this with other developers, and hey, maybe as Noel suggested it might turn in to some sort of standard. 😉